Marlen James


graphic design, makeup arts, photography, and retouching


fake eyelash installing, hair taiming, make up, photoshoping, posing while twisting butt out, and shopping


Kingston Rd and Dundas St
m4l 1s8, Toronto


toronto 1.647.977.4144 please note that I am a way better emailer- and it's more discrete-

I get looks when people overhear, I hate my phone and I never answer on time and all those web placement people are calling me.

so email :)
NOTE: on maternity leave the month of February, back early March

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Thursday and Friday: 7:00pm

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You get to know me a lot by reading my blog, but here is the short version of what's scattered all over my Boudoir Diary.
The real deal 17 things about me  

This is how I sound on YOU TUBE (it makes me cringe a bit)

1. I read comic books and lots' of romance novels, and I try to read a real book every now and then.

2. My first name is Jamie and my middle name is Marlen, Jamie didn't sound sexy enough, so I switched them.

3. Me and my sister have boys names.

4. I am a mom to a cool 11 year old(!) boy from my first marriage. Named Ander, a boy's name as far as I am concerned. And since January 2013 baby Lily Marlen; named after a cool aunt from the dad's side and! the way my name was supposed to be. Always wanted to change the Jamie for Lily. There is an old song around with that name.

5. I retouch all my pictures- I avoid other people's cameras. I have a Chandler sindrome where I make a weird face when I have a camera pointed at me. People have to catch me of guard to have a decent one. Or take a gazillion and have 3.

6. I spend more than 14 hours a day in front of a computer- for work (graphic design) and fun.

7. I'm very selective about TV. I can't commit to a long term relationship with a show. Except True Blood, stupid show that it's only during the summer. And while trapped in the boonies I fell for Game of thrones. Yep I think I like gory shows. As long there are cute guys in it and kick ass chicks. Damsels in distress annoy me.

8. I have crossed several things out of my to-do list (before I die)
- Went to an Art show in New York where I saw Nigel! (from Top Model) and Annie Lebovits pics.
- A book with my illustrations was published.
- I appeared as an extra in a short film- in my underwear- un-tanned and un-firm.
- I stood there in front of 20 cameras from fellow photographers as a stand in model and managed in at least 20% of the pictures to not look super dorky. 
- Started planning my comic! hoping out this fall at the rate I am going. 

9. I look younger than I really am (yes!)

10. I live with  2 step-dogs. The survivor Buffy the vampire slayer is still around. Mumm-Ra the immortal aka Bicep lived to be 19. Wonky eye and all.

11. I have a syndrome called "cant-close-anything-properly" which drives my boyfriend fiance(!)  common law husband batty.

12. I wish I was cleaning obsessive.

13. I can hook up a video-tv-cable combo since age 8.

14. I am a Leo.

15. Family photography has been expanding over the last year so much I added a section and  I am expanding my kingdom in Mexico with and

16. I am engaged to "groomsooky" Lindsey Haylow since November 08 he has his vanilla thing going on at the Naked Sweet Shop - maybe I helped choose the name- maybe

17. I am sorta-kinda planning a wedding for 2010-2012 2014 location Puerto Vallarta  October 2014 (gave up on that fancy location) WIth everybody that we know reproduced in the last two years we are keeping it local and with a bouncy castle. Budget unknown but I'm cheap, I have been to too many weddings to not be a little bitter. Photography taken care off! ( I suck at planning a wedding) Or I just might give up on the whole thing. He is my common law husband anyway for all intents and purposes anyway. 

Oh yeah, and I like love taking pictures. Keeps me sane really.

Favorite QUOTE:  I drifted into photography like one drifts into prostitution. First I did it to please myself, then I did it to please my friends, and eventually I did it for the money. - Philippe Halsman